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Company Address: No.900 Jinxia Road, Jinsha street,Tongzhou District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province

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Fifty years of vicissitudes and hardship has sown the spiritual seed of the company

The care and guidance of leaders at all levels give us confidence;

Help and support from all walks of life encourage us;

The group offers a favorable platform for employees to grow and better play to their strength.

• Corporate vision: Become the most competitive construction and real estate group

• Corporate mission: Fulfill our social responsibilities by creating value for customers and bring more benefits to employees

• Corporate tenet: innovation is the only way to eternity and self-transcendence is the only path to the crown

• Corporate spirit: simple, focus, ceaseless self-improvement

• Corporate style: keep promises with no excuse, absolute obey orders and never say never

• Management policy: scientific decision-making, fine management, premium service, well-balanced development

• Quality policy: keep promises for excellent quality

• Operation policy: quality first to create profit, healthy life to repay the society

• Competitive values: create selected products for customers; create opportunities for employees; create benefits for shareholders; create wealth for the society.