Administrative Secretary

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Minimum Education:

Junior college

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

1-3 years

Work area:

Tongzhou District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province

1、 Job requirements
1. College degree or above in secretarial, administrative management, or related fields, with a certain level of document writing skills; 
2. At least one year of relevant work experience;
2、 Job requirements
1. Familiar with official document writing;
2. Familiar with office administrative management workflow;
3. Enthusiastic and proactive in work, meticulous and patient, with an outgoing personality, a warm and sincere attitude towards others, and a good image and temperament;
4. High sense of responsibility, strong sense of service, and understanding of basic business etiquette.
3、 Job Description
1. Responsible for the reception and arrangement of external personnel in the company;
2. Responsible for daily official document writing
3. Daily secretarial work in the office, mainly including meeting arrangements, meeting minutes, and related document organization work;
4. Assist other departments in document input and have a certain knowledge of document archiving and archive management.