Setting Sails of the Era

Group Chapter

Enterprise Culture

A new generation of people who have both noble moral character and intelligence, innovative spirit and practical ability, healthy physique and good psychological quality, and have distinct personality and good cooperation.


Enterprise Spirit

Thank you for more than 50 years. The care and guidance of leaders at all levels has given us confidence; the help and support from all walks of life has given us encouragement.

Standing together regardless of situation for more than 50 years, the Terjian people struggled and worked together;

The Group has been always guided by shaping its unique corporate culture, and regarded culture as an eternal force to promote the development of the company. Through the system construction, cultural construction, and team building, it provided a good environment for growth and creating a "fair, aggressive, harmonious" home culture atmosphere.


· Corporate Vision: To become the most competitive construction real estate integrated group

· Corporate mission: fulfill social responsibility, create customer value, increase employee welfare

· Enterprise tenet: Only continuous innovation can last forever develop, and only transcendental ego can be proud of the heroes

· Enterprise spirit: Keep it simple ,focused and self-improvement

· Enterprise style: keep promises, no excuses, absolute obedience, never fail

· Management policy: scientific decision-making, fine management, quality service, harmonious development

· Quality policy: upholding the integrity and keeping promises, quality first

· Business philosophy:“quality first, creating profit, healthy life, and social return”

· Competitive value: creating quality products for customers, creating opportunities for employees, creating benefits for shareholders, and creating wealth for society.