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How much does the boss know about heartbreak

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Chen Junyou, Jiangsu Tongzhou Erjian Construction

Chen Junyou, Jiangsu Tongzhou Erjian Construction
I would like to dedicate this article to the hardworking boss of the construction industry in Nantong, and to awaken people's ideas, regain their consensus, and allow the bosses to receive the social recognition, sympathy, and respect they deserve!
In the eyes of many people, construction bosses are influential and picturesque figures: living in luxury homes, going out in luxury cars, wearing designer clothes, drinking famous wine, smoking famous cigarettes, and looking like tycoons. How many people know the bitterness and even tears behind the boss's brilliance?
Camera 1: Mr. Zan Trapped by the Epidemic
The production situation of Mr. Zan's construction company in 2020 is relatively optimistic: the business is full, with a construction area of up to 4 million square meters in hand. When he was complacent and complacent, preparing to do a big job after the Spring Festival, he was surprised by unexpected events. In early spring, the novel coronavirus spread to Wuhan, and affected the whole of China with lightning speed. Until the end of March, the construction site that had been in full swing at this time of the year was still in desolation. There is no hope of resuming work, the construction period is delayed, and the cost has doubled. How much loss should this cause to the company! He was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot - spinning around, but at a loss.
Fortunately, about four fifths of the floors of the headquarters building of Zan Boss Company are rented out, with an annual rental of about 15 million yuan. Boss Zan hoped to use this income to compensate for the losses caused by the epidemic, but unexpectedly, the disaster did not come singly. The rental units were also forced to close down due to the epidemic, and there was no income during the period. They all demanded to pay two months less rent.
Faced with difficulties, Mr. Zan came up with a solution to "compensate for losses outside the embankment" - his construction site rented many steel pipe fasteners and large machinery. Now that the construction site is closed and the workers are on vacation, these equipment is idle on the construction site. He can naturally take the same approach and demand that the lessor waive two months of rent. But I didn't want his idea to go to someone else's place and not work. The lessor replied very simply: The epidemic is raging, it is actually a "national disaster", and we are all sympathizers. It seems understandable that you want me to share it, but when you think about it from a different perspective, who will share my worries? Is there an agreement clause in our lease contract that "Party A shall share the losses in case of epidemic"? Every business involves risks, and on the day of leasing, I should have prepared myself with this idea. However, I said that you made a lot of money from the construction project without giving me any dividends. Do I have the obligation to share in your difficulties now? Can you recall the similar SARS outbreak in 2003, which resulted in a reduction or exemption of steel pipe fasteners and rental fees for large machinery?
Unable to resume work, reduced rent, and difficult to reduce equipment rental fees, Mr. Zan was repeatedly hit from three sides and his head was in a mess.
Camera 2: Boss Cao's New Year Pass
The difference between construction companies and other enterprises is the general year-end summary account for workers' wages, material costs, etc. For the boss, the Chinese New Year is like passing the test, and the end of the year is not easy.