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Consolidate and Create Brilliance Together - Jiangsu Tongzhou Second Construction Company Holds the 2022 Work Conference

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A jade dragon brings good fortune, and a golden tiger brings good fortune; Purple air comes from the east, everything is updated!

A jade dragon brings good fortune, and a golden tiger brings good fortune; Purple air comes from the east, everything is updated!
Farewell to the unforgettable 2021 and welcome the new 2022; Looking back on the path of struggle in 2021 and looking forward to a new future for the Second Construction Company. On February 10, 2022, the 2021 Work Summary and Commendation Conference of Jiangsu Tongzhou Second Construction Company was grandly held on the second floor of Runhe Building! The management personnel of the group company, branch companies, project contractors, exemplary individual, etc. attended the meeting, which was presided over by the group director Zhou Xiaodong.



Part 01

General Manager's Work Report



Group General Manager Zhang Jianzhong wrote the "2021 Work Report", which reviewed and summarized the main work in 2021, affirmed the brilliant achievements made in 2021, and clarified the work ideas, goals, and measures for 2022. He pointed out that 2021 is destined to be an extraordinary year. Under the leadership of the board of directors, all shareholders and employees of the company, following the work philosophy of "emphasizing projects, strict management, innovating high, and promoting development", are focused on the overall situation and work hard, ushering in a groundbreaking and milestone like harvest year! Faced with a more severe and challenging year in 2022, all employees of the company should actively respond to the challenges, promote the healthy development of the enterprise in risk prevention and control, accelerate optimization and adjustment, and achieve quality development in improving quality and efficiency.


Part 02

Personnel assignment


Subsequently, Gu Zonghua, the director and deputy general manager of the company, announced the decision to hold a personnel position for the year 2022. He hopes that the newly appointed comrades will obey the company's arrangements, be loyal to the enterprise, be dedicated to their duties, work diligently, and be down-to-earth. In the new leadership position, they will exert their subjective initiative, enthusiasm, and creativity, leading all employees to make new contributions.




Part 03

Award Ceremony


After that, Zhou Xiaodong, the director of the Group, read out the commendation decision of the advanced collective and exemplary individual in 2021, and the leaders of the Group presented awards in turn.



Part 04

Chairman's speech


Mr. Zhou Zhiming, Chairman, took the stage to deliver a New Year's greeting. He fully affirmed the efforts and achievements made by all employees of the group for the development of the group in 2021. He pointed out that in 2022, market changes will accelerate and industry competition will become more intense. He hopes that all employees should not only establish a mindset of being prepared for danger in times of peace, but also firmly develop confidence and focus on their annual work goals. One must: continuously improve quality and enhance competitive potential. Secondly, be prepared for danger in times of peace and strive for progress based on stability. Thirdly, consolidate the existing market and actively explore new provincial markets; Fourth, improve various systems and improve management level.



The Year of the Tiger opens a new chapter and embarks on a new journey. Our Jiangsu Tongzhou Second Construction Company has made every step, every year to a new height. All employees must be empowered and pragmatic, continuously improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and creating a new pattern of enterprise development.