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Tongzhou Erjian Construction and the Court Establish a Co construction Relationship of "Party Building Leading Legal Run for Private Enterprises"

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On June 12, 2020, the General Party Branch of Jiangsu Tongzhou Erjian Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and the Party Committee of the People's Court of Tongzhou District, Nantong City officially

On June 12, 2020, the General Party Branch of Jiangsu Tongzhou Erjian Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and the Party Committee of the People's Court of Tongzhou District, Nantong City officially established a cooperative relationship of "Party Building Leading Legal Run Private Enterprises" and jointly carried out the first themed activity. More than 60 party members and cadres from both sides gathered together to exchange experience in party building work; The second construction party humbly consulted on some legal issues encountered in the development process. The judge explained the case and provided on-site explanations. Senior judge Zhang You gave a special lecture on how to resolve contract and labor disputes in the field of engineering contracting. Comrades in charge of party organizations from the Tongzhou District Committee Office, District Committee Research Office, District Level Organ Working Committee, Jinsha Street Party Working Committee, and member units of the First Joint Innovation Zone for Party Building of District Level Organs attended and observed this interactive activity.
Jiangsu Tongzhou Erjian Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. is an established construction enterprise with a history of over half a century, a special grade general contracting enterprise for housing construction, and a Grade A qualification enterprise for building engineering design. It is also a "Double Hundred Strong Enterprise", "AAA Class Integrity Enterprise", and "Excellent Enterprise for Total Quality Management" in the Chinese construction industry. It is also a "Top 100 Enterprise" and "Excellent Enterprise for Quality Management" in the construction industry in Jiangsu Province, a "Top 30 Enterprise" in the construction industry in Nantong City, and a "Top 100 Taxpaying Enterprise" in Tongzhou District Outstanding Contribution Award Enterprise for the Development of the Construction Industry. The general party branch of the company has always attached great importance to the work of party building, established the branch and party group in the project department and the construction site, carried out a series of activities such as "party flag flying on the construction site" and "mobile party school", tried to escort the board of directors, sent the spirit and warmth of the party to the construction site, and concentrated the people's hearts on the enterprise plan of "working together for development", so that front-line party members always maintained enterprising, progressiveness and militant spirit, It has played a strong fortress role in the virtuous cycle and sustainable development of the enterprise, and has been rated as an advanced grassroots party organization for many years. Since its establishment 54 years ago, the company has had hundreds of thousands of personnel entering and leaving, and there has been no violation of law and discipline by any party member, cadre, or employee.
Jiangsu Tongzhou Erjian Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. also felt firsthand that the construction enterprise is an "open-air factory", and the construction personnel are constantly away. Although their legal awareness is increasing, they are not familiar with the laws and regulations, and the market is full of risks. As a result, lawsuits have occurred when signing and performing contracts for engineering, labor, material procurement, mortgage guarantees, and other related matters, resulting in losses. The General Branch of the Tongzhou Second Construction Party has heard that the "Farun Tongzhou Enterprise Protection Bank" is a "benefiting the people and assisting enterprises" service brand jointly created by the Tongzhou Court, the Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Judicial Bureau, and other units. It is very interested and necessary for the development of the enterprise itself. For this reason, they actively threw out the "embroidered ball" and hoped to establish a "party building co construction, law benefiting private enterprises" relationship with the court, which received warm response and active support from the court.
Gu Xingxu, Secretary of the General Branch of the Tongzhou Erjian Construction Party, said that this event is the beginning of our mutual cooperation and construction. We hope to use this cooperation platform to promote the joint construction of both organizations, team education, resource sharing, civilized co creation, and honest co operation to achieve new development, achieve new results, help our enterprise comprehensively enhance legal awareness, and improve market risk resistance ability. Li Zhennan, a member of the Party Group and Director of the Political Department of the Tongzhou District Court, stated that we will fully leverage our own advantages and brand advantages, serve as the "protector" of Second Construction's law-abiding and legitimate operations, help Second Construction increase its efforts in anti-corruption, integrity, and risk prevention, prevent disputes and resolve litigation to the maximum extent, promote high-quality development of enterprises, and serve the construction of a "strong wealth, beautiful high" new Tongzhou.